Aintree 2019

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Aintree Heliport Permission 2019.pdf

Important Message for your Passengers:

No none racing vehicle movements will be allowed between 17:00 hrs & 18:00 hrs on Grand National day. This will effect passenger transport from the stands to the Heli-port.


Pilots Joining Instructions  & Pilots Acceptance

Landing Request 2019

Landing And Take off In A Congested Area “Permission"

Other Aerial Activities At The Event

Parachute Display

Between     13:oo     hrs &   13:30    hrs Thursday 4th April 2019  the Heliport will be closed to all traffic and aircraft on the ground must be shut down, and no turning Blades.


Operating Area Of Drone   updated 27th March

Flying Schedual of Drone    updated 27th March

Crane Erection   [Height   33 Mtrs]

Indemnity form 2019

General Aviation Report 

Air Ground Communication Services  Approval 

Aerial Photo Aintree Heliport